I.S.E. Equine Endeavors

Sponsors/ Support


ISE Equine Endeavors Professional Equine Care Partners:    
Veterinary Support

Dr Balie White, DVM
Allen Animal Clinic
Office Phone: 972-727-1521

Equine Chiropractic

Dr Shawna Turner, DC
Supple Steeds Chiropractic Services
Phone: 307-760-9378

Farrier Service

North Texas Farrier Service - Warren Williams

Matt Byers
Dallas Farrier Service
Phone: 214-505-8307

Support -

K-Holme Farms - Connemaras, Sport Horses and Jack Russell Terriers

Karma Ridge Arabians - Joe and Jeanne Vielock, Parker, TX (barn owner)

Rancho Henry - David and Margaret Henry, Parker, TX (property owner, student)
Denton Creek Farms - Lori Calame - Decatur, TX (horse owner, property owner)

Hilltop Stables - Carsten Meyer -  Fort Worth, TX (Coach, Mentor, Course designer)

Windsong Equestrian Center - David and Sandra Washburn, and Virginia McCarthy, West Almond, NY 

PF Flyers - Peggy Friauf - Fort Worth, Texas (Coach, Mentor)

And most of all....
Team ISE - All the students, parents, and friends who make this trip worthwhile