I.S.E. Equine Endeavors

Training Tips and Exercises

After 30 years of riding and training horses, most of what you will find here are thoughts and exercises that have come from others.

It is always amazing what you can learn if you are willing to open the mind and close the mouth.

Brutality begins where knowledge ends. Ignorance and compulsion appear simultaneously." ~

"The end result of classical riding is that the horse is perfectly balanced between the riders hands and legs at all times."  (James Woffard)

A lovely horse is always an experience...It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words. ~Beryl Markham

Many of the riding problems we see are because the rider does not know how the horse should best carry a rider...

"If you can ride down the centre line, halt at X, proceed to the C marker, turn left or right and ride the corner and receive 10 marks for the movement your horse is ready for Grand Prix and you will certainly win."  (the late Reiner Klimke)

Think like a horse. Teach yourself how horses respond to learning within the herd mentality and become your mount's "alpha mare," (Martha Leynes-Selbert)

A horse which is round and on the bit is one which is has adjusted itself to take the rider's weight and is free to be responsive to the rider's commands. Only once this has happened should you expect more work - otherwise you are being unfair to your horse.

"Adopt a classical position, resist all fads and gadgets, and ride the horse quietly and softly between the two straight lines of the stirrup leather and the elbow to the horse’s mouth," (James Woffard) 

"It’s simple. It’s just not easy." (James Woffard)

 "There’s a general lack of understanding about the nature of speed and balance. Riders often think you must be slow to be in balance." (James Woffard)

Lunging lessons are never a waste of time. It's the only time you can totally concentrate on yourself. Not many chances in your life for that!