I.S.E. Equine Endeavors

The Story of ISE...

ISE Equine Endeavors began from the passions of a horse crazy teenager.  This passion was nameless for many years and it was not until landing in Texas that the passion became a reality. 
Having come up through the ranks of Pony Club and 4-H, there were  mentors along the way that fed the fire and encouraged the hard headed teenager to focus on her ability.  Susan E Harris, author of Grooming to Win, probably deserves a monument for her patience and encouragement.  It was under her tutaledge that I completed my first schooling horse trial at the age of 9.  Susan spent many years turning me into a quiet confident effective rider.  Gigi Winslett, Jan Jacobsen, Frank and Marie Page, Linda Minard Sweeney, Ken and Sandra Cobb, Ron Bradford, Janet Black, Denny Emerson,  Sally Grayburn, Carsten Meyer are just a few of the trainers that have contributed to the growth of my riding and teaching.

This list continues to expand as I find that one can never learn enough, and every trainer you ride with can teach you something; as can every horse, if you are just willing to listen.
It was here that ISE rose from the dirt and horse hair and became reality.  I am always In Search of Excellence....

ISE offers instruction and training for the new beginner just learning to ride up through the advanced rider.  Lessons are available Monday through Saturday by appointment.  Horses are accepted into training on a limited basis.  For more information on the lesson or training program, please contact Maggie at
mlkitts797@yahoo.com.  Coaching is also available at local schooling and recognized Horse Trials and schooling days.